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Why Network Marketing Is The Perfect Business For The 21 Century

Robert Kiyosaki aurthur of the best selling book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" explains why he believes Network Marketing is one of the most important businesses for the 21st century
Because we are not taught financial education in school, we don't know how to read financial statements, nor do we know the difference between assets and liabilites.
In order to survive in the 21st century you are gonna need more assests than libiaties.
The Business for the 21st century is designed to transport you from the employee side to the business side of the cashflow quadrant.

Network Marketing is the business of people helping people help people make money and build assests 
Starting a Network Marketing business takes very little up front cash and allows you time to develop essential business skills that are necessary to build a residual income. This usually takes years and a lot of money which most people can't afford.

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