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Question: Don't I need a list of tens of thousands of leads & prospects to make a tiny fortune from one e-mail?

Answer: NO. If you were told that, you were lied to. Once you have a list of 10 people, you should be making some money online.

Question: Does it matter what kind of business I am building?

Answer: NO. I have written e-mails in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and even selling my own products that have made me thousands. This works in ANY niche.

Question: Do I need to be pushy in these e-mails, learn sales tactics, and will I feel like a used car salesman bugging my list to buy from me?

Answer: NO. In fact, with what I'm going to teach you, you will learn how to get people to open your e-mails and happily buy from you over and over again.

Question: I am just getting started and I literally have no list... will what you teach work for me?

Answer: If you are just getting started and have zero list, you need what I'm going to teach more than anybody... and YES, this will work for you (and I am about to prove it to you).

"Transform Even the Tiniest List into a Cash-Flow Residual Machine with my 
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