Dave Webber Traffic Experiment Part 2 Posted by Dave Webber

Traffic Experiment Part 2

Well here we go!  This video kicks off the experiment and shows you exactly where we will be posting our content - and exactly what the content keyword phrase will be.  So hit the play button and check it out.

And by all means - keep following the experiment now because now it will start to not only be a lot of fun - it will show you how you can save a lot of time and just jump onto the band wagon - and grab some free traffic for your business too!

NOTE: If you want to follow along on the weekly updates and get the spreadsheet and Power Point Presentation - just click on the following link and enter your name, a good email address that I can send the attachments to - and - put in the Questions / Comment line "Send Me The Spreadsheet And Info For The Traffic Experiment Part 2".  And I would be happy to email that information to you.



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